Ally McBeal: 3x2

Buried Pleasures

The men in the office just call her, “The Yummy One…” Ling’s curiosity is piqued when she dreams about kissing Ally. Under the pretense of becoming better friends, Ling and Ally go on a “date”. Meanwhile, Cage overhears Nelle talking about her fantasy, which sends him back into the depths of sexual insecurity. It seems everyone in the office is pre-occupied with the topic of sex and Billy and Renee feel they are the only people actually working. Renee defends a woman who is accused of sexual harassment by her female co-workers. The co-workers claim that she has turned the office into a sexual arena and is suing. Billy represents the company, but finds that he and Renee do not see eye to eye on the case or on the issue of a woman’s sexuality in general.

Nov. 01, 1999

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